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Fall 2013

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Date Topic/Screening Readings
8/22 Introduction to the Course
The Andy Griffith Show (1966) Click for illustrations TV.com logo
8/27 TV Structure Screenpedia, Narrative Structure (Classicism) Screenpedia
Friends (1999) Click for illustrations TV.com logo
Butler, chs. 1, 2 (pp. 21-33);Click for illustrations
8/29 Narrative Structure (Series & Serial) Screenpedia
The Cosby Show (1984)Click for illustrations TV.com link
Butler, ch. 2 (pp. 34-51);Click for illustrations
9/3 Characters, Actors, StarsClick for illustrations Screenpedia Butler, ch. 3; Click for illustrations
9/5, 10 Beyond and Beside Narrative Screenpedia
Cops (1989-)Click for illustrations, CBS/NBC news Click for illustrations, The Daily Show (1996-)Click for illustrations
Deadliest Catch (2005-), Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (2012),
College Football (2004) Click for illustrations
Butler, ch. 4; Click for illustrations
recommended: Salon on Reality TV (local copy)
9/12 The Commercial Screenpedia
Appleby's, Verizon, Tums, Aussie, Oreo, Botox, Tyson Click for videos Click for illustrations Click for illustrations
Extra Credit: Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie, Bama Theatre, 7:30pm, free
Butler, ch. 5 click for more illustrations
9/17 Exam #1 -- exam preparation
Gillette Fusion commercial
9/19 Television Studies: An Overview Screenpedia
The Honeymooners (1955-56) click for more illustrations
The New Adventures of Old Christine (2006-10)click for more illustrations
Butler, ch. 11; Butler, Appendix II
9/24 Genre Screening
Martin Kane, Private Eye (1949-54) click for more illustrations
Dragnet (1951-59, 1967-70, 1989-91, 2003-04) click for more illustrations
Detour (1945) click for more illustrations
Butler, Ch. 12, pp. 367-370 and 375-381 click for more illustrations
9/26 Genre Study Screenpedia
Mittell, "Policing Genres"
10/1 Semiotics Screening
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(1997) Click for illustrations TV.com logo
(1980) Click for illustrations
The Wonder Years (1991) Click for illustrations TV.com logo
Butler, Ch. 12, pp. 381-391 click for more illustrations
10/3 Semiotics Screenpedia Seiter, "Semiotics, Structuralism..."
10/8 Ideological Criticism, Cultural Studies & Production Studies Screening
Modern Family (2010) TV.com logo
My So-Called Life (1994) Logo
Butler, Ch. 13, pp. 395-410
10/10 Ideological Criticism, Cultural Studies & Production Studies Screenpedia Thompson & Mittell, How to Read Television
10/15 Discourse & Identity Screening
Designing Women (1991) TV.com logo
The Real World (1992), Justify My Love (1990) Click for illustrations
Butler, Ch. 13, pp. 410-421 click for more illustrations
10/17 Discourse & Identity I & II: Gender and Queer Theory Screenpedia
(2000) TV.com logoClick for illustrations
10/22 Discourse & Identity III: Race and Ethnicity Screenpedia Smith-Shomade, "Laughing Out Loud"
10/24 Exam #2 Screenpedia  
10/29 Mise-en-Scene Screenpedia
Northern Exposure (1990-95) Click for illustrations TV.com logo
Butler, chs. 6 and 7 click for more illustrations click for more illustrations
10/31 Mid-Semester Break  
11/5 Cinematography/Videography ScreenpediaFocal length illustrationsDVD illustrations
New Girl
(2011) DVD illustrations
He Said, She Said (1991)
CameraSim Exercise
Butler, ch. 8 click for more illustrations
11/7 Editing: Single Camera Mode Screenpedia Classical editing illustrations
Northern Exposure (1990-95)Northern Exposure clip TV.com logo
The Sopranos Click for illustrations TV.com logo
Chevrolet ad Chevrolet commercial storyboard DVD illustrations
Butler, ch. 9 click for more illustrations
11/12 Editing: Multiple Camera Mode Screenpedia
Seinfeld (1990-98) click for illustrations Classical editing illustrations TV.com logo, All My Children (1970-2011)All My Children
As the World Turns (1956-2010)click for more illustrations
The New Adventures of Old Christine (2006-10)click for more illustrations
Butler, ch. 9 click for more illustrations
11/14 Sound Screenpedia
Exercise: Dodge commercial click for more illustrations
Butler, ch. 10click for more illustrations
11/19 Style and Stylistics Screenpedia
(2001-10) click for more illustrations
The Mindy Project
(2012-) DVD illustrations TV.com logo
Butler, ch. 12, pp. 370-375;
Butler, "Televisuality and..." (PDF)
11/21 A History of TV Style Screenpedia
Clorox commercialClorox commercials Clorox commercials

Copeland (PDF)click for more illustrations

11/26 Special Topics I: Music Television Screenpedia
The Buggles, The Replacements, Alanis Morissette,
Peter Gabriel, Guns N' Roses, Lauryn Hill, Lamp of Memoryclick for more illustrations

Allan (PDF)click for more illustrations

11/28 Thanksgiving Holiday  
12/3 Special Topics III: Animation Click for illustrations Screenpedia
Steamboat Willie (1928), Gerald McBoing-Boing (1951) ,
Crusader Rabbit (1949-51,'57-69) ,
The Flintstones (1960-66), The Simpsons (1989-)
Butler/Goldmark, "Animated Television" (PDF)click for more illustrations
12/5 Course Summary / Exam Preparation (bring a laptop) Screenpedia
Course Evaluation
12/6 Extra Credit due, TCF Office (484 Phifer), 4:30 pm
12/9 Exam preparation due, 4:45 pm, TCF office (484 Phifer)  
12/12 Final Exam Period, 8:00 a.m., Thursday
Exam #3
R.E.M. "Stand" (frame grabs)


Television cover Jeremy G. Butler, Television: Critical Methods and Applications (New York: Routledge, 2011). Online resources.

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