(Jean-Luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville, 1978)

Literally, the title translates as "France/tour/detour/two/children."

Loosely based on G. Bruno's, Le Tour de la France par deux enfants from 1877, the videos comprise a mini-series created for French television on the occasion of the centennary of the book.

Wikipedia describes the original book as "a French novel/geography/travel/school book. It was written by Augustine Fouillée ... who used the pseudonym of G. Bruno... The book was widely used in the schools of the Third Republic, where it was influential for generations of children in creating a sense of a unified nation of France.... It was still used in schools until the 1950s and still in print to this day. It was sometimes known as "the little red book of the Republic." The story recounts the journey of two young brothers from Phalsbourg in Lorraine, Andrew and Julian Volden, who, following the annexation of the Alsace-Lorraine by the Prussians in the 1870-71 Franco-Prussian War, and the death of their father, went in search of family members through the French provinces."

The Five "Movements"

Presented in five parts or "movements." View only Movement 1 for class discussion.

  1. Obscur/Chimie (Dark/Chemistry), 26 min
  2. Lumière/Physique (Light/Physics), 26 min
  3. Connu/Géométrie/Géographie (Known/Geometry/Geography), 26 min
  4. Inconnu/Technique (Unknown/Technique), 26 min
  5. Impression/Dictée (Impression/Dictation), 26 min

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