John Ford: Illustrations

Ford's Stock Company

Jane Darwell and Ward Bond; Harry Carey, Jr. and Ben Johnson.

W014BondDarwell W015aCareyJohnson
Francis Ford, John Ford's brother (with Ward Bond); Hank Worden.
W020FrancisFord W038Worden

Ford's Visual Style

Expressionist mise-en-scene--principally in the non-Westerns (e.g., The Fugitive).

TF108aFugitivesShadow TF108bFugitiveKneels

TF108cFugitiveAtWindow TF116BackLitCrowd

But sometimes in the Westerns, too--as in Wagonmaster's opening scene.


Monument Valley: Ford directing The Searchers (1956)

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View Peter Bogdanovich's attempt to interview Ford in Monument Valley (in RealVideo).

Introduced in Stagecoach (1939; left) and also used in Wagonmaster (right), The Searchers (below), and many others.

S252MonumentValley W023TrainInMonumentValley

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The Searchers: Opening and Closing Scenes

Low camera angle: How Green Was My Valley and Wagonmaster.

HGWMV01-320pixels W013MormonsAssembleLowAngle

Low angle: close-up from The Fugitive.


Framing devices: How Green Was My Valley--Mr. Gruffydd watches Angharad's wedding.


Ford's Use of Music
Young Mr. Lincoln

Young Mr. Lincoln

View QuickTime movie of balcony scene.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

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