Marxism and the Popular Front

Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Began publishing books on ideology and "historical materialism" in the 1840s.

portrait of Karl Marx
Source: Wikipedia.

Social Classes

Base and Superstructure

Source: "Introduction to Marxism."

hammer and sickleEuropean Socialism and the 1917 Russian Revolution

Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin, and Lev Kamenev (from left) at the second Communist Party Congress (1919).
Source: NYPL Digital Gallery

Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky
Source: University of Texas Portrait Gallery

Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin
Source: Wikipedia

Popular Front

June 1936 strike.

Source: MSN Encarta.

Léon Blum (1872-1950)
Président du Conseil (premier), 4 June 1936 to 21 June 1937 and 13 March to 8 April 1938.

Popular Front politicians
Popular Front politicians in 1936.
From left: Mme. Blum, Léon Blum (SFIO [Section Française de l'Internationale Ouvrière--French Section of the Workers' International, Socialist Party]), Maurice Thorez (PCF [Parti Communiste Français--French Communist Party), Roger Salengro (SFIO, minister of the Interior). In the second row, behind Blum and Thorez, (rolling a cigarette) is Edouard Dalladier (Parti Radical [Radical Party--liberal]), defense minister.
Sources: and Wikipedia.

Spanish Civil War

Source: La Cucaracha: The Spanish Civil War.

World War II & the German Occupation of France

Nazi's invade France, occupy Paris by 1940.

Adolf Hitler in Paris
"Hitler tours Paris with architect Albert Speer (left) and sculptor Arno Breker (right), 23 June 1940."
Source: Wikipedia.

German occupation of France

For more info, see "Time Line - Europe - March 1938-May 1941" (pdf format)

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