Day for Night
Opening and closing scenes. (Timecode from DVD version of the film.)
DayForNightqq00_01_28qq00003 DayForNightqq00_01_42qq00005 DayForNightqq00_01_50qq00008
00:01:28 Opening credits end 00:01:42 Dedication 00:01:50 Shot 1
DayForNightqq00_02_29qq00011 DayForNightqq00_02_58qq00012 DayForNightqq00_03_00qq00013
00:02:29 Shot 1,cont. 00:02:58 00:03:00
DayForNightqq00_07_19qq00014 DayForNightqq00_07_41qq00017 DayForNightqq01_51_40qq00018
00:07:19 First scene ends 00:07:41 First scene, last shot 01:51:40 Last scene of Meet Pamela
DayForNightqq01_52_05qq00020 DayForNightqq01_54_15qq00021 DayForNightqq01_54_22qq00023
01:52:05 Last scene of Meet Pamela, cont. 01:54:15 Last scene of Day for Night 01:54:22 Last scene of Day for Night, last shot
01:54:32 End credits begin