Bazinian Realism: Jean Renoir

André Bazin


Film critic, editor of Cahiers du Cinéma, co-founded with Jacques Doniol-Valcroze and Lo Duca in 1951 (first issue, 1952).

Andre Bazin Bazin, putting on his coat
Sources:Dan North, Spectacular Attractions (left); La Bibliothèque du film, "À propos d' 'Ouvrir Bazin'" (right).

First issue of Cahiers (March 1952), featuring Sunset Boulevard.

Cahiers du Cinema coverCahiers du Cinema coversCahiers du Cinema cover, issue #91
Cahiers issue #91 (January 1959) featured a tribute to Bazin, who had died two months earlier.
Source (issue #91): La Bibliothèque du film, "À propos d' 'Ouvrir Bazin'".

"Martin Scorsese", on The Simpsons, comments on Bazin and auteurism (and mispronounces his name)

The Simpsons on Bazin
Source: "Angry Dad: The Movie," The Simpsons (Season 22 : Ep. 14; February 20, 2011).

Jean Renoir's Rules of the Game on The Simpsons

The Simpsons screen capture The Simpsons screen capture
Source: "Love is a Many-Splintered Thing," The Simpsons (Season 24 : Ep. 12; February 10, 2013).

Qu'est-ce que le cinéma? (What is Cinema?)

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"Ontologie de l'image photographique" is the first article in volume 1 (Éditions du cerf, 1958).

Bazin, "Evolution of Film Language"

More Examples of Bazinian realism

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Jean Renoir

Jean Renoir

Chronology of Films

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Impressionist Painter
1841-1919; photographed ca. 1893

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Le Moulin de la galette
"Le Moulin de la galette" (1876)
Source: WikiPaintings.

Jean Renoir as Painted by his Father
Source: WikiPaintings.

Renoir painting
The young Jean Renoir with Gabrielle Renard (1895).
Renoir painting
Portrait of Jean Renoir (Child with a Hoop, 1898)
Renoir painting
The white pierrot (Jean Renoir, 1902)
Renoir painting
Jean Renoir as a Hunter (1910)

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