International Cinema: French Film
Analytical Exercise

All questions pertain to My Other Husband and Television. Each is worth ten points (except where noted). Most answers should be approximately 150 words and must be word-processed.

Questions #1 and 2 refer to a scene between Vincent and Alice, illustrations for which are available over here.

1. How does the mise-en-scene of the scene function in terms of the narrative? Be sure to discuss setting, costume, lighting, and blocking. (worth 15 points)

2. Diagram all of this scene's camera and actor positions from an overhead view--as Television does when discussing the 180-degree system, but do not draw the frames. Label with a number each camera position for the thirteen shots of the sequence. Does its editing adhere to the 180 degree system? Explain. Click image below to enlarge. (15 points)

180 degree diagram

3. How does the cinematography of the single shot indicated in class (see below) function in terms of the narrative? Be sure to discuss focal length, depth of field, focus, and framing of the shot, but do not including lighting.

click for larger image

4. Explain in your own words what the concept of "sound perspective" means and how it might be manipulated by a director and his/her sound editor. As an example, use the Vincent/Alice scene or the image above of the two men in bed and suggest how the director could have used sound perspective in a way that does not match the reality of the scene.

5. What is the central narrative enigma of My Other Husband? Comparing the film's beginning and ending, how is that enigma posed to the viewer and is it resolved or not at the end?

First Scene Last Scene

click for larger image

click for larger image

click for larger image

click for larger image

6. How do the story time and the screen time of My Other Husband differ in order and duration?

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